Fighting Fantasy is getting a new video game adaptation!

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For those of you who remember the Choose Your Own Adventure gamebooks back in the 1980's by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson, you will be pleased to know that Nomad Games is bringing Fighting Fantasy Legends to PC, iOS and Android this summer. This new take on the series sees you battling through the continent of Allansia, facing rogues and monsters, and piecing together cryptic clues to complete dangerous quests.


FF Legends


The player will explore iconic locations such as Port Blacksand, Firetop Mountain and the Citadel of Chaos on their journey, saving the land from the evil which is spreading across it.


FF Legends Map



Tricky decisions lurk around every corner as the player advances through decks of cards themed to their location, including cities, dungeons and more. Navigate through the traps, tricks and untrustworthy denizens of the Fighting Fantasy world.


FF Legends Cards


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