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The Bored? Game! Crew took in the UK Games Expo this week...suffice to say we had a lot of fun.

Thursday saw the Esdevium Retailer Summit, where some of the big names in the gaming industry talked us through what we can expect over the coming year regards releases and new products, and also some of the many plans for the future. We are very excited to say the least for, Archer Love Letter, Ticket to Ride: Rails & Sails, and the next wave of X-Wing Miniatures. Also SJG annouced their original Car Wars game is being re-developed, this was awesome news to hear.




Friday we hit the Expo show, and now it has been moved into the NEC halls, it was so much better regards space. No more rabbit warren corridors of the hotel, and pushing past the many people that attend. A big 10/10 from us on this move.




Whilst we were there, we got to try out the game, Exoplanets. This resource management game see's you trying to evolve life on many planets that are orbiting a sun. Quite a quick game to pick up, and a lot of fun!




Also, we had a run down on the Devils Run RPG, based on the recently released board game, that is currently in the process of being developed. This see's you in a post apocalyptic world, where road gangs rule the highways. The game mechanic seems pretty good, but it's in early beta production, so this can only get better with time.




The highlight of the day for Matt, was getting to meet and chat with the writers of the 7th Edition, Call of Cthulhu RPG books. He is a big H.P Lovecraft fan, and is the Keeper on many CoC games run at Bored? Game! HQ. Our 7th Edition rulebooks should be hitting the shelves later this month, we will keep you posted on developments, if you do wish to pre-order a copy, then please do so here.



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