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  1. Necro Prov 17


    Bored? Games! Matt Hawkes attended NecronomiCon 2017 this year and was part of the Technolgy and Gaming panel on the 18.08.17 - 4:30-5:45pm.

    'As horror / sci fi and Lovecraftian gaming has grown, so has technology. No longer are games confined to a tabletop; they can be played on a multitude of platforms. Learn what is best in life and use your newfound technology to crush your enemies and see them driven before you.'

    Panelists: Leah Bond, Ash Darrow, John Haremza (Moderator), Matt Hawkes, Vince LaRosa and Jesse Pyne.


    Gaming & Tech Panel


    Thanks to Legends of Tabletop for recording the whole thing. Listen to it by clicking the links below...


    Legends of Tabletop Logo

  2. Necro Prov 17


    This year will see Matt @ Bored? Game! attending NecronomiCon where he will be hosting a game of Lovecraftesque on the opening day of the convention (17.08.17).

    Anyone that is attending and wishes to join in this game can head on over to the Eventbrite web page using the link below and sign up. The game will run from 5pm-11pm.

    Matt will also be joining in with playing various Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition RPG's and getting to see some panel talks with many of the industries game designers, such as Paul Fricker, Lynn Hardy, Jon Hook, Dan Kramer, Chris Lackey, and Mike Mason.

    Over the course of the convention updates will be posted of the days activities on the Bored? Game! Facebook page, so if you have not already liked our page head on over and keep up to date with everything we are up too!

  3. For those of you who remember the Choose Your Own Adventure gamebooks back in the 1980's by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson, you will be pleased to know that Nomad Games is bringing Fighting Fantasy Legends to PC, iOS and Android this summer. This new take on the series sees you battling through the continent of Allansia, facing rogues and monsters, and piecing together cryptic clues to complete dangerous quests.


    FF Legends


    The player will explore iconic locations such as Port Blacksand, Firetop Mountain and the Citadel of Chaos on their journey, saving the land from the evil which is spreading across it.


    FF Legends Map



    Tricky decisions lurk around every corner as the player advances through decks of cards themed to their location, including cities, dungeons and more. Navigate through the traps, tricks and untrustworthy denizens of the Fighting Fantasy world.


    FF Legends Cards


    For more information:
    Nomad Games:
    Fighting Fantasy:


  4. The Thing Outpost 31


    Exciting news came about today!

    Movie merchandise company Mondo has announced today that it is creating a board game based on John Carpenter’s classic 1982 horror film The Thing called Infection at Outpost 31. In the game, players will race to discover who among them has been infected by the movie’s famously monstrous creature.

    Infection at Outpost 31 is the first fruit of a partnership between Mondo and Project Raygun, a new initiative from board game company USAopoly to combine iconic properties with what is being described as “visionary art and design.” Art duties on the game are being handled by Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative.


    The Thing McCready


    This was posted today on their website regards the news...

    We're thrilled to announce a new partnership with Project Raygun, USAopoly's brand new initiative focused on combining iconic properties with visionary art and design.

    “The synergy between Mondo and Project Raygun was immediate, both driven by zeal and a deep-rooted appreciation of timeless and relevant pop culture,” explains VP of Project Raygun, Mike Gonzales.

    “When Project Raygun started talking about tapping into fan’s passion and nostalgia for iconic properties and bringing them to life, it was clear that Mondo was the perfect fit to help us deliver the ultimate experience to the gaming and collector community,” continued John Davis, USAopoly and Project Raygun’s President and CEO.

    Our first collaboration will center around John Carpenter’s 1982 sci-fi horror thriller, The Thing. In the new signature board game, titled INFECTION AT OUTPOST 31, the tension and mystery of The Thing is recreated as players race to discover who among them are infected in the hidden identity game play engine. We recruited one of our favorite artists and package designers, Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative, to handle art duties.

    “When we set out to create the first licensed Mondo board game the biggest question was; what film property would we go after? So many of the films we celebrate at Mondo would be an absolute blast in game form,” explained Jay Shaw, Mondo Brand Director. “As soon as John Carpenter’s suspense masterpiece, The Thing was mentioned it very quickly became our top choice,” Shaw noted.

    “The next step was to figure out how to actually make a game. We all love playing them, but none of us had designed one before. Game mechanics are an incredibly complicated art form and we didn’t want to enter this space unless we were going to get it right. Luckily our dear friends at Project Raygun were completely up to the challenge. They’ve built an incredibly challenging fast paced game of paranoia that transports players directly into the film,” Shaw continued.

    USAopoly, Inc. and Project Raygun will be at Toy Fair in New York City, February 18-21. The division’s inaugural product line is scheduled for release starting Fall 2017.

    This is definetely one game that Bored? Game! will be keeping tabs on throughout the year, we will keep you posted on anymore developments.



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