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  1. The Bored? Game! Team now have their very own YouTube channel where we will be broadcasting items from our social events, up-coming projects and work in progress, news and reviews from Expo's and Conventions, and also some of our own views on games from the past and present.

    The channel page is still in it's infancy and need a lot more work done to it, but feel free to subscribe to our channel by clicking the YouTube cube below, so you do not miss out on anything when we start to upload more great stuff for you to enjoy.


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  2. TCBC Logo

    We are proud to announce the brand new Blogspot, The Cardboard Cartographer by DarKHaZZl3.

    The Cardboard Cartographer is a bi-monthly e-zine that updates every second and fourth weekend every month!

    It will focus on the world of table top games; be them pen and paper RPG's, simple card games or heavy euro games. You'll find news, reviews, un-boxings, Kickstarter round up's as well as some horrendously biased and grumpy opinions about all of the above and more!

    The Cardboard Cartographer started out life over on DarKHaZZl3's personal blog; The science of selling yourself short, on January 8th 2014. The intention was to talk about games along side blogging about other topics. It didn't take long until The Cardboard Cartographer started to take over; not only with an ever increasing amount of content, but also drawing in the most views.

    In 2015 it was decided that something had to change in order for The Cardboard Cartographer to continue to grow. It had to have it's own identity and become a more organised and professional operation and on February 16th 2015, The Cardboard Cartographer became a self contained entity.

    Bored? Game! will also be teaming up together with The Cardboard Cartographer on various occasions with some reviews, play tests and random nonsense!

    Click here or the logo above to check it out!

  3. TTGM Logo

    We would like to share with you information on the exciting new games magazine for the UK - Tabletop Gaming!

    The magazine is set to cover all things Tabletop from board games to miniatures, card, roleplay and war games. It will be published by Warners Group and will be launching at UK GAMES EXPO and will then be available nationwide in WH Smith and independant stores from June 19th. The magazine will be a quartely publication, sitting on shelves for 8 weeks. There will also be a digital edition available worldwide through the App Store.

    Tabletop Gaming: 101 Top Tabletop Games aims to bring the new and the more established games together in a special 164-page guide that's great for newcomers wanting to get into the hobby or gamers looking for interviews/features on their favourite tabletop games. With detailed listings of 80 titles along with larger in-depth features on 21 top titles, hobby tips and reginal guides to club and shops, Tabletop Gaming: 101 Top Tabletop Games will be an indispensible reference for this increasingly popular past-time.

    Check out their Facebook page here for more information and a low down on what to expect regards articles etc.

    TTGM Cover

  4. SW X-Wing Swan Banner

    Due to the success of the X-Wing nights, we are now going to run them twice monthly at the Swan Inn venue. Check out the Events page for the up coming dates and also our Facebook page where we will be discussing the points values to field on the night.

    We will eventually be getting a third gaming table to use so more games can be run at the same time.

    Lastly, a big thank you to everyone that has made this night a big success so far, heres to many, many more epic space battles!

    sw x-wing bunny ears

  5. Silly Skirmish Banner

    Our good friend at Elhiem Miniatures has released some free rules to download, they are a rough draft at the moment and are subject to change, but give them a go, i'm sure the feedback would be appreciated. Click here or the banner above for the rules download.

    The game has been designed to mimic the over the top action and ability witnessed in many an action film. With a little tweaking the game can be sci fi, horror or wargame. The idea is to create a movie style hero or team of heroes of different heroic value and pit them against stupid bad guys and increasingly clever villains.

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