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    The lights go dim. Slow and dramatic music starts to play...a hooded figure approaches the stage. He walks to the center and stops next to a table with arcane artifacts adorned on it. Finally, he starts to speak in a low tone, about how 3 heroes will be called upon to help defeat evil...the music stops suddenly and the lights go on, the hooded figures hood goes down and he then starts to ramble on insanely about how elves love to buy shoes, and runs off so many D&D jokes, like a comedian from the 70's would mother-in-law jokes! This my friends is Paul Flannery, aka, Pirate Moustache. He was our host and DM for the night, and I must say he really got everyone in the spirit of things.

    This was my first experience of this kind of thing, and I didn't know what to expect. I had a feeling it was going to be very tongue in cheek, wacky and fun...but not this much fun! We were encouraged to take part by shouting out various things when asked, this was to help the story take shape...but due to 99.9% of the audience being experienced roleplayers, random funnies would be heckled out regardless when the time felt right, and this just added to the craziness.


    MMORPG Arena

    The two warriors face each other in a trial of combat...Hungry, Hungry Dragons!


    Throughout the night, the audience were asked to help choose what numbers were needed to roll on the big D20 to complete tasks for the heroes, and also to roll the die itself...I actually rolled the first die of the night, this was for the wizard to try and find a map, all I needed was 5+...I rolled a 1!!! I hung my head in shame, but it was quite amusing, as this caused the wizard to take a paper cut to the finger whilst searching.

    How do I sum up tonight's game/performance? Well, I'll keep this brief as to explain it would take a while, and I will let your imaginations run wild with what the hell happened from the description...

    • 3 people were chosen as the games players.
    • A wizard with a software programmer familiar.
    • A thief, who was asked to go downstairs to steal something from the bar, which happened to be a 'slippy when wet sign', this then became his weapon.
    • A pacifist warrior with PTSS
    • A Hungry, Hungry Dragons arena which was used to choose said warrior, (this was a mocked up Hungry Hippo's game).
    • Digbeth as the heroes location.
    • The Custard Factory, where only custard is made (if you are familer with Birmingham you will know that this is a real location, but it no longer makes custard) as the monsters lair.
    • A post office guarded by Postman Pat.
    • Wizard takes a paper cut from a failed attempt to find a map.
    • Warrior hides under mail due to seeing blood.
    • Thief stealing postcards from post office.
    • When characters levelled up they got items depending on what they choose from one of these...



    MMORPG Fortune Teller


    • Thief singing The Prodigys Firestarter to appease the post lady, Mrs Goggins (also from Postman Pat).
    • Heroes being attacked by hipsters armed with squirrels.
    • Hipsters either seen off or defeated in various amusing ways.
    • The end boss has a head of a Giraffe (that was my contribution) with the body of a washing machine.
    • Bluffed way in to monsters lair as building inspectors, monster is told his building is falling down and in need of repair.
    • An attempt to open a portal to take monster to another plane of existence, using custard, a childs bike, his 'n hers dressing gowns and the familier using programming skills.
    • Failed rolls twice to open the portal, but the monster left the lair on his own accord as he did not like Digbeth anyway.


    This was only a pinch of what madness prevailed, I can only imagine what the previous adventures that have been played out at these shows have entailed? So much so, that when the event comes round again at any point I may book to go to all of them, as each one will be so different from the last.

    All in all this was a top night, and I recommend anyone to give these MMORPG nights by Paul a try. My only criticism would be I felt the show was a tad too short. An hour long for me did not feel enough and I felt that it could have been played out a little longer, but hey, that's just my opinion, it was still a great experience, one I will be sure to do again.


    MMORPG Ticket

  2. SW Rebellion Box


    News in from Fantasy Flight Games this week, with the announcement of a brand new game in the pipeline, Star Wars Rebellion. This will see the epic conflict between the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance for two to four players!

    Experience the Galactic Civil War like never before. In Rebellion, you control the entire Galactic Empire or the fledgling Rebel Alliance. You must command starships, account for troop movements, and rally systems to your cause. Featuring more than 150 plastic miniatures and two game boards that account for thirty-two of the Star Wars galaxy's most notable systems. Rebellion features a scope that is as large and sweeping as the Star Wars universe deserves.

    Simultaneously, it is intensely personal, cinematic, and heroic. Your forces are led by iconic heroes or villains. Including such characters as Leia Organa, Mon Mothma, Grand Moff Tarkin, and Emperor Palpatine, these leaders and their individual talents drive everything you do. As civil war spreads throughout the galaxy, these leaders are invaluable to your efforts, and the secret missions they attempt will evoke many of the most inspiring moments from the classic trilogy. You might send Luke Skywalker to receive Jedi training on Dagobah or have Darth Vader spring a trap that freezes Han Solo in carbonite!


    SW Rebellion Board


    Ultimately, games will span multiple star systems. Many fighters will be lost. Many troopers will fall. Planets will join the Rebellion before they are overrun by the Empire and subjugated. Imperial officers may capture Rebel spies and interrogate them for valuable information. A hotshot Rebel pilot may land a one-in-a-million shot against the Death Star and destroy it. In Rebellion, you and your friends decide the final fate of the galaxy. Will it remain under tyrannical rule, or will a select few manage to liberate it?

    Bored? Game! will be keeping an eye out for any further developments for Star Wars Rebellion, and as soon as pre-orders can be taken we will let you all know, so watch this space!

    For the full run down on the game, go visit the Fantasy Flight web site for more amazing information on what looks to be a great game.


    SW Rebellion Pawns

    These playing pieces look totally amazing, with more than 150 detailed plastic miniatures, including Stormtroopers, Rebel troopers, X-wings, Y-wings, TIE fighters, AT-AT walkers, Star Destroyers, and more. There is even a Death Star and a partially constructed Death Star.

  3. BG 1YAN

    Next week will see the 1st Anniversary of the Bored? Game! Social Nights!

    I would like to say a BIG! thank you for all those that have supported the night this past year. I never would have thought that after the opening night, where only 3 of us were there, that the nights would slowly grow from strength to strength! A lot of friends have been made over this past 12 months and heres to many more years to come and more new friends to be made.

    The anniversary actually falls on the same date that the Star Wars Gaming Night is on (3rd November), so what better way to celebrate than popping down and taking part in some epic space battles or skirmishes.

    We will be having some special offers on the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures, Armada and Imperial Assault stock items, a whopping 15% off for this night only, so if there is anything you wish to have brought down, get in touch ASAP so I can make sure it is packed and secured for you. Please look on the website for what is available.

    We will have a few nibbles and finger food on hand for a bit of a party atmosphere.

    Lastly, a big shout out to The Swan Inn for being brilliant hosts and giving us the oppotunity to use their establishment to run these events, long may our partnership continue.

    Looking forward to seeing you all there!

    BG 1YANN

  4. X-Files Expansion Box


    Details are sketchy at the moment, but there is word of, Trust No One, the first expansion to The X-Files board game, which adds new agents, an additional location to investigate and a new "Monster of the Week" mechanic that brings terror in the form of some of the show's most iconic serial villains. Tooms, Flukeman, the Peacocks and more will all make appearances as intimidating roadblocks ready to impede the progress of an X-Files agent foolish enough to investigate in their midst.

    Dates have not been officially given for release, but will keep you informed with any developments as we hear this well as the skies, the truth is out there!

  5. Chaosium Logo


    As part of its new restructuring, the iconic game and fiction publishing company Chaosium has appointed award-winning editor James Lowder as its Consulting Editor for Fiction.

    Lowder, the recipient of five Origins Awards and an ENnie Award, has also been a finalist for the International Horror Guild Award and the Stoker Award. He has extensive experience directing novel lines and series for both large and small publishing houses.

    Chaosium President Rick Meints said, “We are delighted to have James on the team. His strong and long-standing advocacy for creators is one of his greatest strengths. He knows how to put together a balanced contract and guide projects from start to finish, to the satisfaction of everyone involved.”

    Meints said Lowder’s first order of the day is to help resolve any outstanding issues with writers’ organizations, and authors, editors and artists. He is also working closely with the Chaosium creative team planning and commissioning a schedule of new fiction releases, in both print and e-book formats.

    A member of the Horror Writers of America (HWA) and Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA), Lowder served as executive editor for Green Knight’s Pendragon book line and as line editor for TSR’s Forgotten Realms, Ravenloft, and Dark Sun fiction releases. He has also helmed more than a dozen critically acclaimed anthologies, most recently the Chaosium release Madness on the Orient Express, and is the author of bestselling fantasy fiction, RPG material and comics.

    “Chaosium has published a lot of terrific Mythos and dark fantasy fiction over the past twenty years. I know because I’ve been a loyal reader since the first Robert M. Price anthology the company released back in 1993,” said Lowder. “I look forward to working with Greg (Stafford), Sandy (Petersen) and the new management team, as well as the many talented people who have contributed to the line.”

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